Head to toe Heaven

1 January 2018 until 31 December 2018

RM 388 for 1 person | RM 688 for 2 person

Package includes: 40 minutes Foot Treatment, 90 minutes Hotstone massage and a 50 minutes hydrating facial.

Pamper yourself with our 3 hours specially designed
harmonising package which helps in both deep relaxation
and healing that will invigorate you,
energising you to feel ready to take on to the world.

The journey begins with our complimentary iced lemongrass tea and some sweets
whilst you experience our best treatment. You can relax yourself
our 40 mins foot massage which includes soaking your legs after a pandanus scrub.

Then you will be led to a luxury spa room for a 90 minutes Hotstone massage treatment.
Utilising the complimentary technique of both oil massage and Hotstone therapy,
our therapist will firstly gently place the warm stones upon specific points and meridrans of the body,
focusing on resolving blockages on the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Heat from the stones will warm and relax the muscle, while the therapist will work deep within the muscles with
the full body oil massage. The warmth of the Hotstone shall improves the circulation and in calming the nervous system.

The treatment would aid your body to reach a deep stage of relaxation, healing both mind as well as the physical body.
At the time when your outer glow is restored, we will complete the rejuvenation
with a 50 minutes hydrating mini facial and a luxurious head to toe treatment.

* 3 day advance booking discount 5% only
* Free city area pick up service