Body Polish


Juniper Salt Glow

杜松矿盐磨砂 - 60 分钟

60 minutes : RM148

Kama’a luscious natural salt glows buff away dull, dry skin with a nourishing blend of Juniper Berry, Cypress and Rosemary mineralising salts, aromatic oils, clays and botanicals leaving your skin glowing and lightly moisturised.

Oriental Blossom Exfoliation

东方花果去角质磨砂 - 60 分钟

60 minutes : RM148

Experience beauty secrets of the Orient with our brightening all natural body exfoliation treatment containing a traditional blend of gently aromatic botanicals enriched with hibiscus, rose and rice. Your skin will feel silky smooth and nourished.
体验东方的神秘美,以木槿,玫瑰和稻米调配的传统植物药,天然美白去除角质 。让您的皮肤感觉柔滑光滑和滋润。

Coco-mint Body Scrub

可可薄荷全身磨砂 - 60 分钟

60 minutes : RM148

Coco-mint Body Scrub with intoxicatingly delicious cocoa, coconut milk, palm sugar and cinnamon provides natural nourishment with anti-oxidant properties and hydration to the skin. The artful combination of rich aromas with a hint of cool mint delights the senses with a soft delicious fragrance. Fine granules Himalayan mineralised salt provides a gentle exfoliation to cleanse nourish and balance skin tones.