Facial Treatment


Rejuvenating Enzymatic Facial

青春酵素面部护理 - 60 分钟

60 minutes : RM168

Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Foot Spa • Exfoliating Cleanser • Massage • Masque • Moisturiser
桉树和茶树足浴  清洁 去角质 按摩 面膜 保湿


Rejuvenating Enzymatic Facial treatment restores dull, dehydrated and devitalised skin. Natural AHA fruit enzymes bromelain and papain penetrate to exfoliate dead skin cells and enhance regeneration and renewal. The synergy of customised essential oils and natural skin renewing benefits combine to smoothen and nurture fine lines, balance skin tone and restore the skins natural luminous appearance for a bright fresh look.
青春酵素脸部护理能让灰暗, 干燥,缺水,无神的皮肤恢复活力。天然AHA水果酶菠萝蛋白酶和木瓜蛋白酶渗透皮肤去除死皮角质层,使皮肤再生。特制精油配合天然皮肤再生效果,滋养皮肤和抚平细纹,平衡肤色,恢复皮肤自然光泽,让您容光焕发。