Foot Treatment


Foot Reflexology

足部穴位按摩 - 60分钟

60 minutes : RM 78

Pandanus and Lime Foot Bath • Foot Reflexology
班兰与青柠足浴 足部穴位按摩

Based on the principles of reflexology, this foot massage involves the application of pressure to the feet with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. This popular treatment can strengthen the flow of “ qi ” , dredge the meridians, enhance the immune system and strengthen the body.
脚底按摩是一种可促进身体健康的反射按摩。以指压及其他按摩手法按压脚部特定位置,促进体内 “气”的运行,刺激适当的穴位,去除坏气,提升免疫系统,达致保康的作品。

Beautiful Feet Package

卡玛足部 SPA - 90分钟

90 minutes : RM 188

Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Foot Spa • Juniper Foot Scrub • Foot Scrapping • Stone Foot Massage • Seasonal Fruit Platter
桉树和茶树足浴 杜松足部磨砂 脚部去角质 石头双脚按摩 应时水果拼盘

When you have been on your feet all day and feel completely beat, a soothing foot ritual is the best reward. Start with a cleansing foot spa, followed by a refreshing Juniper Foot Scrub with our unique foot scrapping technique to exfoliate dull skin cells and smooth soft skin. Finish with Stone Foot Massage.
足部SPA 是纾解筋疲力尽的双脚是最好的回馈。先做清理足浴,接着做清爽的杜松足部磨砂以及我们独创的足部去角质,去除干燥皮肤,滋润皮肤。最后以热石双脚按摩完成疗程。