Wellness Massages by KAMA'A


KAMA’A Wellness massage therapies by our skilful therapists combine therapeutic techniques to balance, harmonise and relax body and mind. Pure aromatherapy essences enhance the benefits of your massage treatments.

KAMA’A SPA由专业娴熟的按摩理疗团队运用独具匠心的按摩手法令你通过天然的调理,平衡,还原肌肤最初的美丽,让身心灵对话大自然,带来极致的愉悦感受。让我们享受专业的水疗师以独有的香薰配方提供的天然脸部,身体及水疗护理,为肌肤注入活力光彩。

Massage oils

Select the massage oil of your choice.

ORANGE (Fresh, citrus-like, dry) 甜橙精油 (清新,橘味,干爽)
Uplifting and refreshing. Great oil to relieve tension and considered a general tonic.
*Avoid sun/sunbeds for 6 hours  *避免日晒/日光浴超过6个小时

LAVENDER (Sweet, floral, herbaceous)  薰衣草精油(香甜,花卉,草药)
Sedative and calming, a great oil to treat insomnia (recommended for high blood pressure)
薰衣草精油可纾压定神,对治疗失眠最有效 (高血压者适用)

PEPPERMINT (Minty, grass-like, balsamic, fresh) 薄荷精油 (薄荷清香,草本,香脂,清新)
Helps relieve headaches, powerful decongestant, and good for cold. Excellent for flatulence and indigestion

Borneo Massage

婆罗洲按摩 – 60/90/120 分钟

60 minutes : RM178
90 minutes : RM208
120 minutes : RM238

Borneo massage is a balancing treatment to relieve tense and stressed muscles. This is a unique and individualised massage based on ancient diagnostic methods that detect areas of unbalance in the body. Our signature combination of muscle de-stressing sweeping strokes and finger pressure on trigger points helps release tension, muscle aches, tightness or sports related problems. This therapeutic technique pays special attention to the back, neck and shoulders to leave you feeling blissfully calm and refreshed.


Mystical River Stone Massage

神奇河石按摩 - 90/120 分钟

90 minutes : RM228
120 minutes : RM278

An ancient massage technique using a combination of river stones heated in oils and herbs to ground the body and restore vitality. With twenty heated healing stones placed on the spine, sole of the feet and around the tension areas of the body, it allows the therapist to work deeper with long strokes and thumb pressure to ease chronic muscle aches and balance energy flow. At KAMA’A, our stones are cleansed and recharge them in nature ensure we give our guests the best Borneo healing experience. One of our most popular wellness massages.

这是一种古老按摩技术,将河石用草药和油加热后在身上磨压让身体恢复活力。将二十块热的疗石放在脊柱上,脚底和身体紧绷部位周围,使能够更深切地指压按摩,以缓解慢性肌肉疼痛以平衡能量流畅. 我们的河石是经过清洁和养石,以确保我们的顾客能享受最佳的婆罗洲疗程。这是我们最热门的养身按摩之一。

KAMA’A Aromatherapy Signature Massage

卡玛精选芳香调理按摩 - 60/ 90分钟

60 minutes : RM188
90 minutes : RM218

This massage uses specific technique that involves 8 different Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Essential oils are applied to spine, ears, and bottoms of the feet. Each oil is used with a precise action to be taken in the body, from relaxing the central nervous system, soothing aches and pains and invigorating and re-energizing the whole body, this system is unparalleled in its ability to balance the body’s system and functions. Plus, the specific hand massage techniques relax the muscles, so tension is eased, and the mind becomes at peace.